“Lisa is an extraordinary healthcare provider – she is attentive, caring, thoughtful and open. She has always taken the time to, quite literally, sit with me during appointments, to ask and answer questions. She has an incredible ability to connect with patients, instantly putting everyone at ease. Lisa has been my health care provider through various stages of my life – providing prenatal care to me during both of my pregnancies, postpartum and regular gynecological care, and delivering my daughter. During my daughter’s birth, Lisa was a calm, capable presence who brought strength and confidence into the room. She supported me in having the birth experience that I wanted, resulting in a birth that felt truly special. I feel incredibly lucky to have had that experience and to continue to be Lisa’s patient.”

– Kari Siddiqui

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“When my previous practitioner retired I worried about not finding another holistic person  centered provider. That concern was resolved when I met Lisa. In a system of care where people can often feel lost to big system demands and processes- Empowered Midwifery is a haven. I have complete confidence in Lisa’s skill as a medical professional and as a patient I  feel seen, heard, respected, and valued.  The culture of the practice is sincerely Health Care delivered in an authentic kind manner!”

– Mary LaFountain

“I’m writing this two weeks after giving birth to my first child and am overcome with joy and gratefulness thinking about my pregnancy and labor experience under Lisa’s care. From my very first encounter with Lisa, I knew she was something special; she listened to my concerns with intent and unmatched compassion and made me feel like I was her only patient in a rushed practice. I switched to her private practice at 24 weeks and it was truly the best decision—it allowed for myself and my husband to form a connection with Lisa that you can’t find in a typical practice environment. Professionally, Lisa is knowledgeable, experienced, and has an unwavering confidence that put me at ease during my pregnancy. Personally, Lisa has an incredible spirit that inspired me and empowered me during every prenatal appointment- she constantly reminded me that I am a powerful woman who can achieve my desired birth experience. During my son’s birth, Lisa was both calm and commanding; I knew I was in the hands of the most capable and trusted midwife. After I gave birth to my son, I truly felt transformed as a person – finding new strength and a new appreciation for how powerful my mind and body are – which I wholeheartedly attribute to Lisa. I’m forever thankful for what Lisa has done for our now family of three and can’t imagine going through this experience again without her!” 

– Katie Pfisterer

“9 years ago, I sought Lisa’s care after hearing from women I trusted that she was the best Midwife in the area. I switched to her practice at 31 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I knew it was the best decision I made after I had my first appointment with her. Whenever Lisa has cared for me, she has been present, compassionate and knowledgeable. She eased my fears, explained my options and reminded me of my strength during some of the most important times of my life – pregnancy and labor! Lisa helped me deliver two of my three children. I can say without hesitation that she is the most incredible midwife. Every woman deserves to be cared for the way Lisa treats her patients – she represents the highest standard of care and I am forever grateful for her.” 

– Erin Svare

“Lisa is AMAZING! We were so happy when she started her own practice! She delivered our first and third children and both were such positive birthing experiences! She has such a calming aura; it’s hard not to feel relaxed in her presence and that’s exactly what my husband and I wanted. If we were to have another child, Lisa is the only one we’d go to! I can’t recommend her enough. She is attentive, kind and patient. She is the only healthcare provider I’ve met that seems to listen and care about me as a patient.” 

– Katie

“When my wife and I found out I was pregnant with twins, we didn’t exactly know what our birth plan would look like, but we knew we wanted Lisa to be a part of it. There is something special about Lisa that sets her apart from the rest. She listens to you: truly and wholeheartedly listens to you, as if you are the only one in the world who matters. This is what every woman deserves throughout her journey to motherhood. Lisa’s calm and caring personality allows her to form strong relationships. She builds confidence in her patients by providing all the options and empowering women to choose what’s best for them and their growing baby/ies. When you are with Lisa you are receiving top of the line care. Her presence is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to know her.”

– Mackenzie and Linnea Riegel