Alexis Stefanacci, RN

Alexis Stefanacci is a registered nurse specializing in women’s health and peripartum care. She’s a beacon of compassionate care and empowerment. With a focus on safe and effective treatment, Alexis blends expertise with a nurturing touch, ensuring her patients feel supported and informed every step of the way.

Beyond her nursing role, Alexis is a devoted mother of two, a loving wife, and a caregiver to both people and pets. She extends her passion for wellness as a yoga instructor at Heartspace Community Yoga and a Lamaze-trained childbirth educator, guiding expectant mothers with knowledge and confidence.

In her spare time, Alexis channels her creativity into candle making and crafting sustainable products for her business, Old McDonald Roadhouse. Whether she’s at the Farmer’s market or spending time with her family and pets, Alexis’s warmth and dedication shine through, leaving a lasting impact on all those she encounters.

Alexis Stefanacci