Lisa Preller, CNM LM, Owner

Looking back, I can see that my role as a midwife has been both a personal and a professional journey. Since 2002, I’ve worked as a doula, labor and delivery nurse and as a Licensed Midwife within the structure of 4 mainstream practices/systems: Seton Health, St. Peter’s Hospital, Dr Sattars OBGYN office and Albany OBGYN. I am grateful for those years, the rich experiences I enjoyed, and the many impressive professionals I worked alongside.

Yet something always felt off, out-of-balance, not quite right.

The ideals of midwifery that first drew me to this field— the model of individual empowerment, which I strived to practice — were increasingly at odds with the demands of a large hospital or physician owned practice. The demands on these large practices and their providers were at odds with the midwifery model I aspire to provide.

Now for the first time in my career, the true ideals of midwifery — and the professional context in which I labor — are aligned. This is the new model. Smaller, more intimate, better. I now have more time to devote to patients, more energy for you, and a greater ability to give each patient the calm, unhurried, personal care that you deserve.

My journey has led me to this particular model of reproductive health care. One visit to my office, and you’ll feel the difference. I look forward to working together with you and your family.