Empowered Midwifery Care

Care for individuals of all ages at all stages of their lives

Empowered Midwifery Care

Care for individuals of all ages at all stages of their lives

My commitment is to provide you with evidence-based, holistic, individualized healthcare — where your time, your voice, and your autonomy is honored and respected.

For years, I worked harder and tried to make a difference within an increasingly broken system. Until one day, I took the leap. I decided to work smarter. And smaller. In May 2021, I opened the doors to Empowered Midwifery Care PLLC— a lean, intimate practice conveniently located in Delmar, New York 5 minutes from 787, I-90 and St. Peters Hospital.

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"Lisa is an extraordinary healthcare provider – she is attentive, caring, thoughtful and open. She has always taken the time to, quite literally, sit with me during appointments, to ask and answer questions..."

Kari Siddiqui

"There is something special about Lisa that sets her apart from the rest. She listens to you: truly and wholeheartedly listens to you, as if you are the only one in the world who matters..."

Mackenzie and Linnea Riegel

"When my previous practitioner retired I worried about not finding another holistic person  centered provider. That concern was resolved when I met Lisa. In a system of care where people can often feel lost to big system demands and processes- Empowered Midwifery is a haven. I have complete confidence in Lisa's skill as a medical professional and as a patient I  feel seen, heard, respected, and valued.  The culture of the practice is sincerely Health Care delivered in an authentic kind manner!"

Mary LaFountain

"From my very first encounter with Lisa, I knew she was something special; she listened to my concerns with intent and unmatched compassion and made me feel like I was her only patient in a rushed practice..."

Katie Pfisterer