Erin Svare

Erin Svare has worked in the fitness industry since graduating from college in 2002. While Erin participated in athletics through childhood, she didn’t find her true calling of guiding others in their fitness pursuits until her twenties. The lens through which she sees this space has changed considerably since becoming a mother.

In 2008, Erin received her Master’s Degree in Physical Education while pregnant with her first child. Through the c-section recovery, while living away from family, Erin experienced firsthand some of the gaps in Women’s Health during the postpartum phase. In 2012, at 31 weeks pregnant with her second child, Erin met Lisa Preller, became her patient and discovered the awesome power of Midwifery Care.

Erin is a Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Instructor and holds certifications in Pre & Postnatal Strength, Pilates and Spinning. Erin is dedicated to continuing education and takes courses annually to stay current amidst the rapidly changing landscape of the fitness world. In 2022, she completed two courses with Dr. Stacy Sims; one on coaching women through Menopause and another titled “Women Are Not Small Men.”

Erin is an avid Women’s Health Advocate who excels at helping women heal after childbirth and return to activities they enjoy. Erin became the coach she needed after her babies were born and she specializes in making weight training accessible for beginners. Her weekly clients range in age from teens to late seventies and she wholeheartedly believes that it is never too late to try something new.

She enjoys hiking, lifting weights and staying strong enough to keep up with her three children, husband and dog.

Erin Svare